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06 Dec 2018 SLPCS01 {original_description}
16 Nov 2018 SLPPSC02 Notification of Galore Trade Lp as a person with significant control on 6 November 2018
16 Nov 2018 SLPPSC09 Withdrawal of a person with significant control statement on 16 November 2018
11 Dec 2017 SLPCS01 {original_description}
09 Aug 2017 SLPPSC08 Notification of a person with significant control statement
20 Sep 2016 LP5 1 general partner appointed, 1 LIMITED partner appointed and the total amount contributed is 50 gbp. General partner appointed:GREENCIRCLE services LTD. LIMITED partner appointed:LEMFORD business solutions LTD.
  • CERT12 ‐ Certificate of registration of a Limited Partnership