Company number 09689035

Charge code 0968 9035 0005

15 February 2019
26 February 2019
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge (MR01)

Persons entitled

  • Fischer Future Heat UK Limited

Brief description

(1) by way of fixed charge (a) all estates or interests in any freehold and leasehold property now and in the future vested in the borrower (as defined in the instrument) or in which it is otherwise interested; (b) all present and future book and other debts, monetary claims due or owing to the borrower, and the benefit of all security, guarantees and other rights of any nature enjoyed or held by the borrower in relation to any of them; (c) all present and future rights, licences guarantees, rents, deposits, contracts, covenants and warranties relating to the properties charged by (a), above; (d) all licences, consents and authorisations, statutory or otherwise, held or required in connection with the borrower's business or the use of any of its assets, property and undertaking and all rights in connection with them; (e) all present and future goodwill and uncalled capital for the time being in the borrower; and (f) all present and future equipment, plant, machinery, tools, vehicles, furniture, fittings, installations and apparatus and other tangible moveable property for the time being owned by the borrower, including any part of it and all spare parts, replacements, modifications and additions. (2) by way of floating charge, all the undertaking, property assets and rights of the borrower at any time not effectively mortgaged, charged or assigned pursuant to part 1, above.
Contains floating charge.
Floating charge covers all the property or undertaking of the company.
Contains negative pledge.