Company number 03102273

A charge in the terms of the lloyd's canadian trust deed (the trust deed) itself constituted by an instrument dated 26 september 1995

1 January 1996
9 January 1996
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge (395)
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Persons entitled

  • Royal Trust Corporation of Canada,Lloyd's and the Other Parties as Defined

Amount secured

All losses claims returns of premiums reinsurance premiums expenses and other outgoings payable as at the date of the trust deed or at any time thereafter to become payable by the company in connection with the canadian business of the company being the underwriting business of the company at lloyd's which is either (1) business written in canadian dollars (that is business in respect of which the premium payable to the company has been paid or is payable in canadian dollars and the liability of the company in respect thereof is expressed in canadian dollars); or (2) business (other than marine and reinsurance business) not written in canadian dollars in respect of which the risks covered by the policy or contract of insurance are or will be ordinarily situated in a province or territory of canada; and for securing transfers to the fund held subject to the provisions of the company's premiums trust or the company's personal reserve fund or the lloyd's canadian business fund and the payment of any levies or assessments assessed at any time against the company and of any deposit or asset requirement as may be imposed on members of lloyd's (including the company) and of all and any liabilities or obligations in connection with which the insurance companies act of canada requires that assets be vested in trust and other amounts and obligations referred to in the trust deed

Short particulars

All property transferred to or received by the canadian trustee (as defined in the trust deed and being as at the date hereof royal trust corporation of canada) under the trust deed all premiums moneys and other assets belonging or payable at the date of the trust deed or thereafter to the company in connection with the canadian business any right to receive such premiums monies and other assets any monies drawn on any letter of credit deposited by lloyd's under the trust deed and any property transferred by the company to the canadian trustee to be held in trust as part of the company's personal reserve fund and other property referred to in the trust deed.