Company number 03102273

Charge dated 12TH january 1998 in the terms of the lloyd's kentucky trust deed (the "trust deed") but effective from 1ST january 1998 itself constituted by an instrument dated 23RD february 1996 (as amended and supplemented from time to time) and as supplemented by a deed of accession

12 January 1998
21 January 1998
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge (395)
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Persons entitled

  • The American Trustee, Lloyd's, the Agent, All Policy Holdersand Certain Other Persons or Bodies (As Furtherdefined on Form M395)

Amount secured

The payment of losses (including claims for the return of unearned premium) under contracts or policies of insurance incepting on or after 1ST january 1996 underwritten by the company as a member of syndicate no.1221(the "syndicate") and allocable to the relevant year of account or in respect of which the company is liable as a member of the syndicate for the relevant year of account for an earlier year of account pursuant to any contract of reinsurance to close and issued to a policyholder pursuant to the insurance laws of the commonwealth of kentucky providing insurance with respect to property or risks situated in said commonwealth (a "kentucky policy"), all expenditures and fees of the trustee (as defined in the trust deed and being, as at the date thereof, national city bank, kentucky, U.S.A.), repayment of cash or securities advanced by the trustee to the trust held under the provisions of the trust deed, and certain transfers by the trustee to an overseas fund (as defined in the trust deed) or to the commissioner of insurance of the commonwealth of kentucky or other designated receiver, and for securing the other amounts and obligations referred to in the trust deed

Short particulars

The principal at any time but excluding the investment income, the property in the actual and sole possession of the trustee at any time and held under the provisions of the trust deed (as defined), cash in us currency or specifically designated readily marketable securities and/or letters of credit substituted by the agent (as defined), cash drawn down on any letter of credit at any time and held as an asset of the trust fund (as defined) further contributions (as defined), any advance of cash or securities by the trustee to the trust fund (as defined), any investments or other assets held by the trustee (as defined).