Company number 02861345

Charge (in the terms of the lloyd's american trust deed (long term business) itself constituted by an instrument dated 17TH december 1993)

1 January 1994
21 January 1994
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge (395)
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Persons entitled

  • The American Trustee

Amount secured

All losses, claims, expenses, returns of premiums, re-insurance premiums and other outgoings incurred or arising or which may at any time be incurred or arise in connection with the long term business (as defined in the insurance companies act 1982) of the company at lloyd's where (1) the liability of the company in respect of such business is expressed in united states dollars; and (2) the premium payable to or for the account of the company has been paid or is payable in united states dollars

Short particulars

Subject to exceptions specified in the trust deed (1)=all premiums and other monies payable duing the trust term to or for the account of the company in connection with it's american long term business at lloyd's (2)= all assets transferred to the trustee to be held as part of the trust fund (3)=all investments and monies representing such premiums, assets or other monies and (4)= all income from time to time arising from any of the property charged. See the mortgage charge document for full details.