Company number 02861345

Premiums trust deed

1 January 1994
19 January 1994
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge (395)
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Persons entitled

  • Lloyd's

Amount secured

All losses,claims,expenses,returns of premiums,re-insurance premiums and other outgoings payable as at the date of the trust deed or at any time thereafter to become payable in connection with or arising out of the business of the company at lloyd's (whether current or past or future) excluding any long term business and also excluding any business conducted for any underwriting year of account commencing after the sixtieth anniversary of the date of the trust deed

Short particulars

Subject to exceptions specified in the trust deed: (1) all premiums,monies,investments and other assets belonging to or becoming payable to the company in connection with its underwriting business,other than long term business,at lloyd's; (2) all further assets added to the trust fund; (3) all investments and other assets at the date of the trust deed or thereafter representing any such premiums,assets or other monies; and (4) all income from time to time arising from any of the property charged. See the mortgage charge document for full details.