Company number 02861345

A charge (in the terms of the lloyd's united states situs credit for reinsurance trust deed (the trust deed) itself constituted by an instrument dated 7 september 1995) effective from 1 august 1995 and

7 September 1995
8 September 1995
Satisfied on 29 August 2008
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge (395)
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Persons entitled

  • The Trustee Lloyd's the Agent and All Policyholders as Defined

Amount secured

The payment of losses (including claims for the return of unearned premium) under contracts or policies of reinsurance incepting on or after 1 august 1995 underwritten by a member or members of lloyd's or in respect of which a member or members is or are liable issued to a ceding insurer domiciled in a state,district, territory, commonwealth or possession of the united states (an american reinsurance policy), the aggregate gross liabilities of the member or members under american reinsurance policies, all expenditures and fees of the trustee (as defined in the trust deed and being, as at the date thereof, citibank N.A. of 10011 wall street, new york, U.S.A.), repayment of cash or securities advanced by the trustee to the trust held under the provisions of the trust deed, and certain transfers by the trustee to an overseas fund (as defined in the trust deed) or to the superintendent of insurance of the state of new york or other designated receiver, and the other amounts and obligations referred to in the trust deed

Short particulars

The principal at any time but excluding the investment income from time to time earned thereon (both capitalised terms having the meaning given thereto in section 11-2.1(b) of the new york estates, powers and trusts law), and the property in the actual and sole possession of the trustee (or held by the trustee in the name of a nominee) at any time and held under the provisions of the trust deed allocable to the particular trust created by the company with respect to the particular year of account of the relevant syndicate, and other property referred to in the trust deed.

Additional transactions filed against this charge

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Statement of satisfaction of a charge in full or part (403a) 29 August 2008 Image unavailable