Company number 02585754

Pubmaster deed of charge

5 July 1999
21 July 1999
Transaction Filed
Registration of a charge (395)
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Persons entitled

  • Bankers Trustee Company Limited

Amount secured

All monies and liabilities whatsoever of the each obligor to the chargee (whether for it's own account or as trustee for the pubmaster secured parties (as defined) or any of the pubmaster secured parties under or in respect of the issuer/borrower facility agreement,the pubmaster deed of charge, the borrower subordinated loan facility and/or any other transaction document to which it is a party

Short particulars

All respective rights title and interest in the scottish properties owned by the company and all heritable fixtures and fittings thereon all right title and interest in the ta receivables all rights of tenanacy in the properties all right title benefit and interest under all shares stock debentures and other securities and all right title and benefit to all insurance policies all book debts and other debts and other assets for full details please refer to form 395 schedule 2.